Lectrobotix: Robotics for Kids

Lectrobotix brings you the learning, building, modelling, programming, fun having, edutainment robotics kits from MRT for children and teens of all ages. They will simply love the colour, the variety, the complexity, the functionality, the discovery of it all ~ from beginners as young as 4 to the young-adult robot and programming enthusiasts.

Robotics challenges children to be innovative and creative when solving problems.  Robotics can help kids to open their minds to new learning skills and create a positive attitude towards Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The products we offer are designed with STEM education in mind ~ which is the development of skills in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and math’s to better equip children for a global market.

Robotics is a simple and more tangible introduction to programming.With the MRT3.3  kids can learn to program their robots with a graphical interface with the actual C programming language in the background.  This makes it very easy for children to learn the C programming language and from there on move on to other programming languages. 

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