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BUY your teens a graphic programmable humanoid robot that will have them in fits of laughter and fun for hours.

RoboBuilder offers a complete kit of interchangeable modules which come together to form computer programmable robots. These robots are built by simply plugging and screwing block-type robotic operator modules. These robots are remote controlled and motion files are downloadable from the internet.
Out of the box, there are three “standard” robot platforms, HUNO, DINO and DOGY. HUNO is a humanoid robot, capable of walking on two legs, and can perform moves like walking, jogging, headstands and kicking. By motion programming, you can have it dance, do martial arts.

• Transparent with 16 DOF and includes sound sensor, distance sensor and voice
• Design and build your own robotic creation or build one of 3 standard designs
• Download, program and play fancy robotic motion files
• Participate in robotics competitions
• Designed for ages 14 and up

The Kit includes
• RBC intelligent control system (with sound output)
• 16 blocks of wCK smart actuator modules
• 11 pcs of body parts (7 types)
• 71 pcs of joint parts (12 types)
• 20 pcs of wCK module cable
• PC cable RS-232
• Power supply
• Remote control
• Set of bolts and nuts
• User’s manual
• Software CD