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CONTINUE your kids on their exhilarating journey of DISCOVERY and BUY them the second module in the MRT1 series.

Don’t forget that you will be encouraging enormously valuable STEM learning in your kids.

Another 16 intriguing models awaits your young entrepreneurs with unforgettable robots like the exciting ‘Harley Davidson’ and the cute planet saving ‘Wall-E’ robot.

  • Suitable for children between 7 – 8 years
  • Total of 122 individual parts in the kit. Bringing the total parts for the MRT1 series to a whopping 318 pieces.
  • All parts a manufacture from a high grade ABS that delivers a high quality and durable product.
  • Include a step-by- step manual
  • Kit does not include batteries

Please note: In order to build the models listed on the MRT1-B page, you must have the MRT1-A.

This is a representation of some of the models that can be built with the MRT1-B kit. The step-by step manual illustrates very clearly how to build each model. Many more models can be built with a bit of imagination and creativity.

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