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NOW that your child have mastered the MRT3 introductory courses, up their game and BUY this MRT3-3 INTERMEDIATE robotics course.

With the introduction of programming their robots, they will have hours of fun, learning how to write programs. Programming is made easy with a graphical interface to write programs for another 10 fascinating robots like: ‘Soccer’ robot and ‘Catapult’ robot.

Robotics is a simple and more tangible introduction to programming.With the MRT3.3  kids can learn to program their robots with a graphical interface with the actual C programming language in the background.  This makes it very easy for children to learn the C programming language and from there on move on to other programming languages.

  • Suitable for children between 10 – 12 years
  • Total of 275 individual parts in the kit
  • The kit includes 1 x non programmed Main Controller, 3 x Sensor, 2 X LED indicators, 1 x Servo Motor, 1 x Programming Cable.
  • All parts are manufactured from a high grade ABS that delivers a high quality and durable product.
  • Include a step-by- step manual and a CD with the programming software
  • Kit does not include batteries

Please note: In order to build the models listed on the MRT3-3 page, you must already have the MRT3-1 and MRT3-2.

This is a representation of some of the models that can be built with the MRT3-3 kit. The step-by step manual illustrates very clearly how to build each model. Many more models can be built with a bit of imagination and creativity.

Programming your robot is very easy

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