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MRT3-4 (Advanced course )

COMPLETE the set for your 8-12 year old kids and BUY the final module in the amazing, colourful and creative MRT3 series.

This conclusion to the series brags advanced programming, another impressive 9 exciting models and the very trendy Golf’ robot or the ‘Bowling’ robot.

NOW you have 48 models in the MRT3 course!

  • Suitable for children between 8 – 12 years
  • Total of 302 individual parts in the kit, that brings the total to 955 part in the full MRT series
  • The kit includes 1 x buzzer, 1 x speaker, 1 x Servo Motor and a additional battery compartment.
  • All parts a manufacture from a high grade ABS that delivers a high quality and durable product.
  • Include a step-by- step manual
  • Kit does not include batteries

Please note: In order to build the models listed on the MRT3-3 page, you must already have the MRT3-1 and MRT3-2 and the MRT3-3.

This is a representation of some of the models that can be built with the MRT3-4 kit. The step-by step manual illustrates very clearly how to build each model. Many more models can be built with a bit of imagination and creativity.