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TEENAGERS, DON’T MISS OUT on this riveting robotics course for high schoolers to ENJOY!

Navigate robust mechanical structures and fascinating programming with 442 parts, aluminium building blocks, motors, sensors and 9 different models. Write clever programs and build intelligent robots like the impressive ‘Bike’ or the ‘F1 Car’.

You’ll be extending your STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) capabilities which may prove very advantageous in a career.

  • Suitable for children between 14 years and older
  • Total of 442 individual parts in the kit
  • The kit includes 1 x non programmed Main Controller, 3 x Infra Red Sensors, 1 X Infra Red Receiver, 1 X Infra Red Remote control, 4 X motors, 2 X Servo motors, 1 x programming cable and a battery holder.
  • Most of the parts are manufactured from aluminium and a small amount of the parts is manufactured from a high grade ABS that delivers a high quality and durable product.
  • The set include a CD with the programming software and a step-by- step manual in PDF format.
  • Kit does not include batteries

This is a representation of some of the models that can be built with the TOP-1 kit. The step-by step manual illustrates very clearly how to build each model. Many more models can be built with a bit of imagination and creativity.