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TEENAGERS! The fun didn’t stop with MRT-TOP1!

Ask Dad or Mom to BUY you MRT-TOP2! The GREAT continuation to the advanced robotics series! Boasting another 521 parts, it includes another 9 brilliant additional robots to the mix with names like ‘Battle Spin Bot’ and the heavyweight champ… ‘Bulldozer’.

Parents: A perfect gift for your high school robot enthusiasts.

(MUST begin with the MRT-TOP1 module)

  • Suitable for children between 14 years and older
  • Total of 521 individual parts in the kit
  • The kit includes an additional 2 X Servo motors and 1 x multi connector board.
  • Most of the parts are manufactured from aluminium and a small amount of the parts is manufactured from a high grade ABS that delivers a high quality and durable product.
  • The set include a CD with the programming software and a step-by- step manual in PDF format.
  • Kit does not include batteries

This is a representation of some of the models that can be built with the TOP-2 kit. The step-by step manual illustrates very clearly how to build each model. Many more models can be built with a bit of imagination and creativity.